Ellina​​​​​​​ Zhestjakova
"For me participation in ELU project has become an opportunity to understand more regarding the bond between university students and considerable future employers. I have also experienced a brilliant team work and communication among group members who share the same or alike thoughts as I do. In addition, I was involved in editing text blogs, which is an extremely useful and pleasant activity for me. The opinions shared by my project mates made me reconsider some of my views on future and on labour market. "
Fatemeh Fadaei
"When I first joined the ELU project, I wasn’t confident if I could handle teamwork and I thought “oh well, let’s just get it over with, I can survive!” But surprisingly, the amount of peer support in our team has been unbelievable. I feel empowered by my peers and motivated to write and collaborate more within groups. ELU project has marked an indelible time in my life where group work actually feels productive and fruitful. I want to continue blogging even after our project ends. I’ve had my kickstart and I’m ready to go!"
Jaroslav Bortsov
"At first I was very scared while I was joining ELU because in this project's success depends on how well the team works together. Happily, I picked the right project which at first reflects my interest and my field as a movie maker because this project is based on audiovisual content. In addition to the suitability of the project for my needs and interests, I got an amazing, supportive and friendly team. It was really nice that everybody's opinion was heard and taken into consideration. I made my impact on the project by contributing to the project design, creating audiovisual content as well as by doing social media profile management. I had a very good time, I met amazing people, developed my skills, and tried myself in a new field such as a podcast. Thanks to the ELU project I have this opportunity."
Maeesa Ayesha
"For me, ELU has been a great learning, socializing and networking experience, where I got to meet so many great undergraduate and masters-level students from different cultures and disciplines. In terms of learning, I have grown personally (e.g. skills of working in a group, dealing with conflicts and how to reconcile conflicts) and we have grown and evolved as an ELU team as well. Our ELU supervisor has been wonderful, she has given us full autonomy and only stepped in whenever we needed her support. All in all, it has been a wonderful experience and I will sorely miss the ELU team and hope we can continue this work sometime in the future. "
Martina Fiabanova
"Participating in this project was a great learning experience from the initial idea all the way to the final editing stages. My role required besides the content creation, some extent of project management as well, which I consider to be very beneficial for my future learning and professional career. I have also enjoyed working with such proactive and creative individuals fro different backgrounds and skill sets. I truly believe that the diverse cultural and study background made our project better. All of us were ready to jump on board from the get-go, which isn’t always the case. For my own future reference, I would dedicate more of my time and energy into the marketing part of our work on this project."
Mihhail Jevdokimov​​​​​​​:
"Participating in ELU project was wonderful experience. I met a lot of creative, motivated, very smart people and it was a pleasure to work with them. The project provoked a lot of thought regarding high education and student’s employability and helped me to look at that topic from quite different angles. Brainstorming, discussing topic with others and planning for interviews gave a deeper insight into that topic. Conducting an interview both challenged to do new things and grow as a person while acquiring a new useful skill. I am very grateful to be part of this team effort. "
Nikita Kurasov
"ELU project for me was an amazing experience, I learned a lot of useful things. I was doing visual design and editing. The fact that all the roles have been divided very well, and everyone did the job connected to their field, was a really strong side of the project. Group members were unbelievable. Everyone was supportive and friendly."
Roman Tchurilov​​​​​​​
"For me, ELU was, first and foremost, an opportunity to experience comprehensive academic team work. While I am no stranger to working with others, I prefer working alone, so, at first, I was a bit skeptical regarding the whole affair. Especially considering that this project is not something directly tied to my field of studies. I was happy to see my skepticism proven wrong. I really enjoyed working in the team that was active, friendly and were open to hearing everybody out. I was also very happy to see that the group was understandable and supportive to me, when I was unable to commit to some tasks due to various circumstances. In the end, I consider this experience to be an example of good teamwork!"
Salome Dzagnidze
"It is incredibly satisfying to look back and see how abstract idea turned into a reality, providing valuable and impactful content. I am happy to be part of this amazing group. FEMCE project is among the most interesting and fruitful events ever happened in my life. 
FEMCE has been a learning journey. I have learned how PR and campaigning activities are carried out within the project. I also learned many things about podcast recording applications and processes.  
FEMCE gave me a chance to practice and actualize my project management potential. Now I see the whole cycle of project implementation and I am happy because this was something I always lacked from university education. 
FEMCE  gave me a chance to strengthen my professional links. I had an interview with Milan Pol, a professor from Masaryk University.
FEMCE improved my blog-writing skills. I created 2 blogs within the project. And finally,
FEMCE gave me new friends from different disciplines. Who knows, maybe in 5 years this friendship will turn into a strong professional community, working on amazing projects!"
Salome Khurtsidze
"Alongside with ELU I have learnt more about myself, such as skills of communication, performance, interviewing, teamwork, self-management. Our project FEMCE has a positive bearing on me since it made me think a lot about perspectives of students, lecturers and employers and as a learning experience, FEMCE can lead us all to greater projects."
Ulaş Can Kılıç:
ELU was a great opportunity for me to discover the area of podcast with a great and useful content. Since I’ve been studying in the field of Audio-Visual Media, I had chance to discover more into the podcast, built strategies for an actual project, built plans and made it happen. For me, ELU was a great project that I learnt new things in my field, and take action with great team members. 
Yiğit Oğul Gökoğlu:
"I have already been studying in the field of media and creating contents for the past few years. ELU helped me to learn through podcast with making it, taking opinions in every stage, building even more and better with every feedback. I felt that the content we were creating could be useful for students for their future and that was my main motivation. Overall, I’m really happy that we made this project happen with a team that everybody was involved in their own field of study. "

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